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Where functionality and design come to life: Italcab Assembly Department

Let's start at the end, where methods, timelines, skills, and collaborations transform a framework into a high-performance and customized cabin, ready to be mounted on the vehicle that will host it.

We are in the heart of the Italcab production cycle, finally touching the result of a process involving design, carpentry, welding, fine-tuning, and excellence work.

Work in the assembly department begins when the frames return from painting, are inspected by the quality department, and deemed compliant to proceed in the production cycle towards their destination.

First Phase: Frame Preparation

The crucial and preliminary phase of the production cycle involves making the cabin perfectly airtight through meticulous sanding and siliconing of the windowed parts.

Every day, operators take the painted frames inspected by the quality department and work on them with high precision, attention to detail, and mastery in the use of silicone: niche skills that are precious and fundamental in our department.

The siliconing of Italcab cabins is not just a technical step; it is also an aesthetic and design finish that requires maximum attention for a perfect final result.

The Cabin's Rest

After the siliconing cycle, the cabin awaits in the parking area to prepare for the journey that awaits it in the coming hours.

The Journey of the Italcab Cabin Begins Here

The assembly department is spacious, well-lit, with standard and special lines to adapt production to customer needs.

The keywords in the assembly department are flexibility and constant optimization of processes.

For this reason, some lines are versatile and are equipped to meet production needs based on the timing and demands of the market.

Each cabin model has its dedicated assembly line, whether standard or special.

The standard production process for an industrial vehicle cabin involves a workflow with varying times depending on the construction complexity.

On average, Italcab's production capacity allows for the creation of the necessary quantity of products according to the established production schedule.

We're Almost at the End of the Journey: the cabin is Ready

A final check by the quality control department on strategic points of the checklist and a touch of overall visual experience.

Now the cabin is ready for a water test to verify its complete airtightness or other system tests.

Placed in the dedicated area, it is finally ready to leave for our customers, waiting to hit the road and perform the job it was designed for.