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Direction? Towards production efficiency in the Italcab Assembly department

Within the Italcab Assembly department, multiple entities coexist with the aim of optimizing the overall production process:

● People responsible for quality control at all levels: from the arrival of the frames to the exit of the cabin, to intercept and eliminate any possible non-conformities;

● People overseeing logistics and the timely and constant alignment of assembly lines to keep up with the required production;

● People from the process engineering office who carefully observe times, methodologies, and innovative solutions to improve company productivity and optimize operator capacity.

The Process Engineering department specifically aims to bring efficiency to the entire production process: it periodically carries out analyzes to monitor times, drafts written and visual instructions, studies the flow, and shares improvement results.

The analysis almost always stems from production needs aimed at meeting customer demands. An input, a challenge that allows looking beyond to transform into investments and corporate changes. Thus, Italcab's direction is to make assembly lines increasingly functional to meet production goals.

Moving towards a "lean" perspective, the assembly lines are in continuous evolution to meet market needs and optimize the production process.

For Italcab, this translates to "efficiency": optimizing flows and eliminating waste, innovating, creating systems, and improvement processes to produce more and better for the benefit of the company but also for the operators. This involves, for example, focusing on the use of equipment that enhances ergonomics, choosing equipment for usability and lightweight.

Italcab evolves every day, alongside the customer and in step with its operators.

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